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Understanding Depression

Most people feel sad from time to time, often when something upsetting or stressful is happening such as a relationship break-up, or losing a job. Feeling down in response to difficult situations is normal, and usually the feelings fade over time as people adjust and create a new way forward.  If feelings of unhappiness are intense and persistent - and they don’t go away even when things improve - this could be depression.
Depression can be triggered by a difficult situation in your life, can build up over many years, be caused by genetic or chemical predisposition to depression and sometimes there’s no obvious reason.
Exogenous depression is feeling depressed due to circumstances. Endogenous  depression is chemical or genetic based depression.

Every one is different however if symptoms of depression such as constantly feeling down or hopeless and  having little interest or pleasure in doing things you used lasts for more than two weeks take action to get the support you need.

Getting help is the bravest and smartest thing you can do. Seek medical advice, speak to people you love and trust and get counselling.

The good news is you can find happiness again regardless of the type of depression you’re experiencing. Together I can help you work out your symptoms triggers and strategies and create the life you want.

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